Zubaan has been publishing quality content in gender-related fields for 14 years. However, it's not always easy for readers to purchase edited and research volumes -- especially when they need only one chapter or one paper from a book. Recognising that, we're hoping to make individual essays available in e-formats for a reasonable fee.

Take this survey to help us figure out how to make those available to you.
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Please feel free to add subject areas (within or connected to gender and feminism) if the one you're interested in isn't mentioned here.

Would reading lists or curated lists, of essays within or across the topics you just chose from, be useful or helpful to you?

Thanks for answering our questions! Below you can fill out your personal details. While we would really appreciate if you filled these out -- the more information, the better we can build the e-essays option for you -- we understand if you don't want to hand out personal information, so the following questions are not mandatory to complete the survey.

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